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Ticket Printing Software

You have decided to ‘do it yourself’ and print your own tickets in-house. Now you need all the components that make up a ticket printing system. First of all, you need software that has design capabilities and can integrate with a thermal ticket printer.

Our Printix software is essentially a ticket printing utility application so you can easily design and batch print your own tickets in-house. Depending upon your printing requirements, we offer a choice of four main applications; Printix Basic, Printix Plus, Printix Pro and Printix Ultimate.

To view the differences between the two programs, click on Printix Compare.

Printix Basic contains the Ticket Layout Editor with powerful tools to enable you to design and print tickets. With each additional version, your capabilities are expanded.

Printix Plus allows you to add graphics and other digital images to visually enhance your ticket layout.

Printix Pro also contains the Facility Editor which enables you to create visual facility maps that contain specific seating information that can be printed on your tickets.

Printix Ultimate has the ability to import lists from Excel containing names or other patron information and/or barcodes that can be printed on your tickets. You can also print series or season tickets containing multiple games and/or performances.

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