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Printix Plus
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Printix Plus is similar to Printix Basic but has one main distinction. Printix Plus supports the thermal printers image file format (PCX) so that you can insert graphics and other digital images on a ticket layout. This powerful feature greatly enhances the visual effect of your ticket and can be used to display your organization's image or promote a sponsor's logo.

The PCX graphics file format is commonly used and there is a vast array of ‘Clip Art’ available online. Also, there are a number of drawing applications that can convert other file formats to PCX. To add a PCX file to a Printix ticket layout, simply drag them into the Printix Plus editor directly from any of your Windows browsers.

If you purchase our Printix Plus software and a Thermal Ticket printer from Vtix, we include 1 bundle of our generic thermal ticket stock (1000 tickets) and a compatible printer cable. We also provide phone and/or email assistance to guide you through the installation process and help you get printing tickets as soon as possible.

Cost of Printix Plus is $595

For more information, please contact Vtix.

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