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Printix Basic

With Printix Basic, you design and print your own tickets on site with our easy-to-use software and thermal ticket printer. The software has a tool called a Ticket Layout Editor that enables you to input event information on the front of the ticket. You can choose different fonts, insert boxes, lines and barcodes and even rotate text in any direction.

When you are ready to print, select the starting ticket number sequence and print order and then print as many tickets as you need.

If you purchase our Printix Basic software and a Thermal Ticket printer from Vtix, we include 1 bundle of our generic thermal ticket stock (1000 tickets) and a compatible printer cable. We also provide phone and/or email assistance to guide you through the installation process and help you get printing tickets as soon as possible.

Cost of Printix Basic is $395

For more information, please contact Vtix.

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